This is a Civil War Memorial located in the Jasper Township, Fayette County, Ohio Cemetery that is undergoing restoration.

The SUVCW CF made a donation toward this restoration project.

The taller of the two pedestals had a cannon stolen from it and the smaller pedestal had a stack of cannon balls stolen from it. We are having a new cannon tube made and a new stack of cannon balls to place on these pedestals. The pedestals will also be refurbished.

A concrete apron will be established around this area and a granite memorial bench will be placed on it in memory of the Grand Army of the Republic. An original bench at this site has disappeared.

The nearby Civil War statue is also part of the original Civil War Memorial.

The work on this project is being done by the Karkadoulias Eleftherios Bronze Art Co., Cincinnati, Ohio and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2007.