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Charitable Foundation
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The Foundation is pleased to recognize those individuals and groups who have contributed to the Fund:

Col. Horace Porter Level

Col. Horace Porter ($5000+)
Charles Engle
Athens, TN

Sentinel Level

Gold Sentinel ($2000)
Silver Sentinel ($1500)
Bronze Sentinel ($1250)
Tim Graham
Hudson, Ohio
Mark Day,
Lynchburg, VA *2  
Hon. Henry E. Shaw, Jr.,
Delaware, OH
Thomas J. Gaard
Clive, IA
John M. Vaughn III
  Boca Raton, FL
Dennis F. Marr
Troy, NY *28
Robert J. Wolz
Key West, FL
Kevin L. Martin
Frederick, MD *25
John Eger
Fort Wayne, IN *39

Fellow Level

Gold Fellows ($1000)
Silver Fellows ($500)
Bronze Fellows ($250)

Edward J. Krieser,
Valparaiso, IN


Davis * Camp, SUVCW,
Pittsburgh, PA


Leo F. Kennedy,
Greenville, RI

James R. Hanby, Sr.,
Claymont , DE


John Stinson, MD
Potomac, MD *5


U.S. Grant Camp #68, SUVCW,
St. Louis, MO

James H. Houston,
Milford, OH *35

Gettysburg Camp #112, SUVCW, Gettysburg, PA


Department of Missouri,

Andrew M. Johnson,
Arlington, VA

Kimber D. Smith
Allentown, PA *9

John Green
Fayetteville, NC

J. Alan Teller,
Kokomo, IN

Alan O. Petit
New London, WI
Robert V. Chandler,
Lakeland, FL
Department of Pennsylvania, SUVCW
Michael E. Farrell
Palm Bay, FL*14
Robert M. Petrovic
Cedar Hill, MO

Michael A. Paquette
Fredericksburg, VA

Donald D. Palmer, Jr.
Ballwin, MO *
Bradley A.Tilton,
Mansfield,OH *3
Department of Maryland, SUVCW
Robert D. Hammack
St. John, MO *24

Gen. Geo. G. Meade Camp #5, SUVCW
Ft. Meade, MD *6
James T. Crane
Cincinnati, Ohio *4
Ken Freshley
Willoughby, Ohio *7

1st Sgt. Fred R. Jackson Camp #7, SUVCW
Pembroke Pines, FL

Department of Kansas,
LGAR *27

Matthew Heffron
St. Paul, MN


Stephen Hammond
Crofton, MD

David D. Porter Camp #116
Valparaiso, IN

Brian C. Pierson
Sumter, SC *29

Walter & Susanna Weart
Arvada, CO

Department of Florida,

Jeffrey Albanese
Goshen, NY *16
Ronald A. Kirchgessner
Peoria, IL
D. Brad Schall,
Lincoln, CA *36
Shawn A. Cox
Washington C.H., *30

Winfield S. Whitehurst Camp #1, SUVCW
Brandon, FL

Charles D. Custer,
Orlando, FL

Steven Nash
Glenmoore, PA

Robert E. Graves
Allentown, PA
Alfred C. Carty
Easton, PA *11

Stephen J. Twining
Fitchburg, MA


Department of Ohio,

Department of California and Pacific, SUVCW *12

William Leonard
Malvern, PA


Edward C. Hackney
Peachtree City, GA

James A. Garfield Camp #142, SUVCW
Cleveland, OH

David H. McReynolds
Louisville, TN

Sgt. William Pittenger Camp #21, SUVCW
Escondido, CA *12
Robert H. Knight
Feeding Hills, MA
James M. Floyd, Jr.
Indianapolis, IN
Cher Petrovic
Cedar Hill, MO
Stephen E. Hackett
Chepachet, RI
Thomas L. Schmitt
Fort Wayne, IN
Janice L. Harding
Baltimore, MD *15
Department of Kansas,

Phil Sheridan Camp #4, SUVCW
 San Jose, CA*33

Robert H. Roser, Jr.,
Stafford, VA *1
Gen. George Wright Camp #22 - SUVCW
Elk Grove, CA *12
Robert May
Kimball, MI
Norman E. Wheeler, Sr.
     Lansing, NY *17

Bruce D. Frail
Coventry, RI


Larry Solvey
Fairfax Station, VA

John A. Riggs
Reno, NV

John A. Connor
Coventry, RI *22


David Sosnowski
Stewartstown, PA *31


Thomas T. Graham
San Jose, CA *32


Douglas K. Fiddler
Cincinnati, OH *37


J. Kenneth Wilson
Cincinnati, OH *38

Bruce C. Laine
Eagle, WI
Richard A. Davis
Cincinnati, OH
Rory V. Matter
St. Paul, MN

Dale Crandell
Kansas City, MO

Jerome L. Orton
Syracuse, NY *40
Linda J. Floyd
Indianapolis, IN

*1 -In memory of Pvt. Franklin Hutchins, Co. D, 13 th NY Cavalry
*2 -In memory of Pvt. Richard Lown, Co. F, 150th NY Infantry (member GAR)
*3 - In memory of Cpl. Thomas P. Tilton, Co. F, 97th OH Infantry
*4 - In memory of Sgt. Thomas C. Crane, Co. K, 14th MI Infantry
*5 - In memory of Edmund Stinson, US Navy
*6 - In memory of Louis Smith, founding Cdr., Meade Camp #5
*7 - In memory of James H. Maloney, Co. I, 82nd PVI
*8 - In memory of Lt. James Manning Weart, Co. H, 21st NJ Infantry,
and Pvt. Thomas F. Allen, 1st MD Light Artillery
*9 - In memory of 2/Lt Jacob E. Fertig, Co. H, 17th PA Cavalry
and Cpl. George M. Kline, Co. D, 48th PVI
*10 - in memory of Charles Winne and Alfred Kirchgessner
*11 - In memory of Pvt. Samuel Carty, Co. F, 174th PA Infantry
and Pvt. Leonard Sigafoos, Co. F, 119th PA Infantry
*12 - In memory of Bob Lowe, PDC
*13 - In memory of Cpl. Charles H. Knight, Co. I,9th NH Infantry,
Medal of Honor (Petersburg, VA)
*14 - In memory of Sgt. George W. Johnson, Co. I, 48th NY Infantry
*15 - In memory of Capt. Robert B. Meads, Co. D, 4th MD Infantry
*16 - In memory of Sgt. Charles Dickerson, Co. D, 23rd MI Infantry
*17 - In memory of Pvt. William L. Wheeler, Co. A, 6th CT Infantry
*18 - In memory of Pvt. Hugh Frail, Co.B, 67th PA Infantry
*19 - Pvt. Sylvester J. Alden, Co. D, 11th IA Infantry
*20-In memory of Pvt. John Sharman, Batt. B, 1st MO Light Artillery
*21 - In memory of MG Galusha Pennypacker, Medal of Honor ( Ft. Fisher, NC)
*22 - In memory of Pvt. Daniel Dailey of Company C, 4th RI Volunteers
*23 - In memory of Pvt. Montgomery Shannon, Co. K, 7th PA Cavalry
*24 - In memory of 1/Lt & Adj. Zebedee Hammack, 81st IL Infantry
*25 - In memory of Capt. Adam B. Martin, Co. H, 6th MD Infantry
*26 - In memory of Dean K. Speaks, PDC
*27 - In memory of Ercelle K. Speaks, PNP
*28 - In memory of Pvt. Robert H. Bailey, Co. F, 3rd NY Infantry & Co. I, 177th NY Infantry
*29 - In memory of of Pvt. John Steilen, Co. I, 1st WI Cavalry and Pvt. Alanson Pierson, Co. C, 84th NY Infantry
*30 - In memory of William F. Grim, Co. K, 8th OH Infantry
*31 - In memory of Deborah J. Sosnowski
*32 - In memory of Sgt. Albert S. Hayne, Cos. I & D, 57th PA Infantry
*33 - In memory of Donald Edgar Cheney, PDC
*34 - In memory of 1/Sgt. Thomas P. S. Leonard, Co. I, 2nd MD Infantry
*35 - In memory of Pvt. James H. Houston, Co. D, 15th PA Cavalry
*36 - In memory of Sgt. William Braden Schall, Co. B, 11th IL Cavalry
*37 - In memory of Pvt. Asa Melvin Scarlet, Co. B, 46th MA Infantry
*38 - In memory of Pvt. Coleman A. Wilson, Co. D, 4th KY Cavalry
*39 - In memory of Pvt. Frederick Eger, 11th Indiana Light Artillery
*40 - In memory of Lorraine Orton, PDP and National Historian, Woman’s Relief Corps


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