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Charitable Foundation
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Our Honor Page

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Foundation
by these individuals and organizations:


    Department of Tennessee, SUVCW

      Army of Tennessee, Camp #64

       Fort Donelson Camp #62

    Missionary Ridge Camp #63

      Ted Sheldon, Geoffrey Hintze, PDC

Major William A. McTeer Camp #39
In Memory of Brother Charles Engle, Jr., PDC

Charles Engle, PDC, Athens, TN

Andrew M. Johnson, PCinC, Arlington , VA

Antietam Camp #3, SUVCW, Frederick, MD

Appomattox Camp #2, SUVCW, Wilmington , DE

Brian Lawson, Shawnee, KS

D. Brad Schall, PCinC, Lincoln, CA
In memory of Belle Schall, WRC, Hutchinson, KS

Department of California, SUVCW

Department of Missouri, SUVCW

Donald E. Darby, PCinC, Chillicothe , OH

Garfield Camp #1, SUVCW, Baltimore , MD

Hon. Henry E. Shaw, Jr., PCC, Delaware , OH

HSBC Philanthropic Programs, Princeton , NJ

James R. Hanby, PDC, Wilmington , DE

Joe Angert, St. Louis , MO

Michael and Susan Maasberg, Williamsburg , MI

R. Keith Young, PCC, Fairfax , VA

SUVCW National Organization, Harrisburg , PA

Wal*Mart Stores, Bentonville , AR

Bemis Company Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

Ronald E. Clark, PDC, Springfield, IL
  In memory of Brother Keith Zandy

Dennis D. Zeck Family, Newton Falls, OH
In memory of Brother Charles W. Corfman, PCinC

D. Craig Barili, Santa Cruz, CA

Bob Duncan, Carpinteria, CA

Mark S. Stookey, Rush Valley, UT

Dale Crandell, Kansas City, MO

Sherman Camp #93, SUVCW, Dayton,OH
In Memory of Brother Bradford Halloway Miter

Moon and Laura D'Amato-Johnson
In memory of Frederick F. Murphy

Lauren Murphy Payne
In memory of Frederick F. Murphy

William and Constance Wyatt
In memory of Mahlon Hockett, U.S. Navy
and Darius Worrall Sprague, U.S. Navy


Abbreviations :

SUVCW-Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

PCinC-Past Commander-in-Chief

PDC-Past Department Commander

PCC-Past Camp Commander


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